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elevating our community through style

Eugene's premier stylist for


Effortless dressing with a focus on shopping mindfully, looking after your clothes, and reducing your carbon footprint....

.....without replacing your entire wardrobe.

Fashion is what's available to buy. Style is how you make it your own.

Let's smash the myth that you need to spend buckets of money, live in a big city, or be a certain size to have style! Discover your own style and learn what works for you, starting with the clothes you already have, and put together comfortable, pretty outfits that make getting dressed a lot easier and perhaps even fun, too! 

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Your styling appointment takes place in the place you might not adore (yet)... your closet! We'll go through each piece, keep what you love and what loves you back, and make a plan for the rest. If you need to buy items, we'll make a shopping list and even go shopping to find them. 


  • There's plenty of shopping here, actually.

  • You've got to wear something, so why not wear what makes you feel your best?

  • The fast fashion industry produces          SO! MUCH! WASTE! Let's not contribute to that, and even help reduce it.

Click to access our handy little guides!

Free Download!

Need a little help with figuring out just how you wear what's in your wardrobe? Download the Style Diary to get some insight into what you're wearing and other tricks for effortless dressing. 

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our favorite tool!

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A note about COVID-19: due to the rather intimate nature of personal styling, we require proof of vaccination before an appointment (and we'll share ours with you, of course). If you'd prefer to meet over video, we can do that, too! 

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