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your appointment

We truly want your appointment to be fun and comfortable! We'll chat beforehand so you'll have an idea of what to expect, but here's a quick overview of the process and things you can do to get the most out of it.

We start by setting up a consultation, either just a quick 15 minutes to sort out details (because you're so ready already!) or 30 minutes to learn more about the experience. Once we've chatted about how to elevate your wardrobe, we'll find a time that you can set aside up to 3 hours so we can work effectively in one appointment. We'll then send you a style assessment so we have some clear ideas of where you are in your style journey and what you want to accomplish.

I'll come to your house at your appointment time, and we'll bring a free-standing clothing rail and a couple of hooks that go over the back of a door to hang outfits from. We'll just start from one side of the closet and work to the other, removing items that have served their purpose and tidying up the ones you'll keep. You'll try on outfits as we go and we'll take pictures of the ones you want to remember -- we'll send you a digital look book afterwards with the photos. We also have a tool kit that will help style pieces so you can see what something might look like with a bit of alteration. We will be touching you to adjust pieces (we'll warn you if our fingers are cold!) but if you prefer that we don't, just let us know.

When we're done, we'll remove all the items for donation because you agree that it's time to let that sweater from 1996 go, right?!

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before your appointment

  • Complete and return your style assessment.

  • Make sure all of your clothes are put away. You don't want to go hunting through the laundry basket for your favorite pieces (or worse: they're soggy in the washing machine!).

  • Please make some space for the two of us to work in or near your closet.

  • If you can, create a space where we can hang up outfit ideas (the back of a door is good).

  • Set up a mirror nearby so you can see what outfits look like on you.

  • Eat beforehand to keep your energy up, but not so much that you're uncomfortable!

  • We love pets, so you don't need to lock them away unless you think they'll be mischievous.

during your appointment

  • It's so helpful if you try on outfits, so please wear undergarments that work well with most outfits (e.g. neutral colors, no sports bras, etc.).

  • If you want privacy while you change, that's fine. If you're comfy in your knickers, that's fine, too!

  • Keep a bottle of water nearby (or anything else you might want to sustain you).

after your appointment

  • Use your Style Diary to help refine what you're wearing and track how outfits make you feel.

  • Keep shopping your wardrobe!

  • Call or text us at any time if you have ideas, questions, or need support for anything!




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