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hello! I'm rachel

Originally from northern England but now in Eugene OR, I wanted to find a way to elevate our community and realized that style is a pretty fun way to do that. Not just having people look and feel great and not be afraid of what's in their wardrobe, but to make a financial and ecological impact, too.


Shopping at independent boutiques supports small businesses and our local economy while reducing the carbon footprint with fewer delivery trucks on the road. But if you are going to shop online, being deliberate about buying or renting gently used clothing that doesn't contribute to the climate impact of the fast fashion industry. 

And then, what about taking care of the clothes you already have? There are specialists and tools that make mending so much easier, and I wanted to get the word out about those, too. 

Everything we own affects us, so let's work together to wear only those things that elevate us, and in turn we can elevate our community.


Also, tea goes best with a biscuit.


xx rachel

and you are?

You're in Eugene or Springfield and surrounding areas and are getting frustrated with a perceived lack of good local shopping and the volume of clothes you have but still have nothing to wear. You want to ramp up your style but don't know where to start or how to go about it. And your teenage daughter won't spend a Saturday going through your closet with you (nor should she!). Those nagging questions keep popping up... Won't replacing my whole wardrobe be so expensive and wasteful? Will I have to sacrifice comfort for style? How do I justify getting rid of things that I spent money on or were given to me? And what's the point of being stylish when wearing pj's in public* is kind of acceptable here? 

We're here to be your cheerleader, to give you the boost you need to really look at what you have, what you like, what to let go of, and how to dress the body you have - all without replacing your wardrobe or being uncomfortable. You'll end up feeling like a queen, with your own style and a wardrobe you're excited to wear, and a community that benefits from your mindfulness. 

*oh please don't!

take a peek at some wardrobe joy!

Tidy closets, outfit ideas, and piles for donation!

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