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Updated: 5 days ago

It's mid-June and FINALLY it's warm enough to not need multiple layers because who knows what the temps will be in 30 minutes! Of course, faced with the opportunity to wear any of the light, warm-weather pieces that have been patiently waiting to come out to play, I couldn't make any decisions and wanted to keep it simple. And what's more simple than black and white?

Stylist wearing white shirt and black skirt
White tee and black skirt - easy peasy!

Being this comfortable feels like cheating! The stretchy pencil skirt has a 3" slit at the hem on each side - enough to provide a little extra movement and interest, but not so much that it's channeling JLo. The white tee shirt is a heavy waffle cotton with cuffed sleeves and a nice boxy shape for air flow.

By themselves, they're quite plain, but add some accessories and it's elevated without being fussy. The neckline of the tee shirt is almost boat neck, which is fine but I look better in a v-neck. The lariat necklace (one of my smartest purchases - it's so versatile!) solves that issue by creating length and a vertical line in the front. This is further supplemented by a black leather backpack, with the shoulder strap drawing another vertical black line down the white tee. The black open-toe slides are cool and their one-inch heel makes them comfortable for legging it around all day, and the oversized black sunglasses polish things off and hide the effect all this pollen is having on my eyes!

I usually add a third color as a pop, but chose instead to let the metallics of my jewelry do that. The lariat is multiple metals, and I've got a stack of silver bracelets and a stainless steel watch band to add some sparkle.

Having easy pieces like this really reduces my decision-fatigue when all I want to do is get outside in the sunshine. Plus, each item is so versatile that I can use them in multiple ways, no matter the weather.


A little post-script:

While I was out and about, I met a lovely lady wearing a very pretty white tank from The Frankie Shop - it was double layered and made something so simple really very interesting. Sadly, they're out of stock, but it's an good reminder that if you do want to just wear basic pieces like a white tank, there are so many other options out there other than a 6-pack of Hanes from Costco.

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