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Member Profile: Eugene Stylist

The Springfield Chamber of Commerce did a member profile of Eugene Stylist!

Meet Rachel Williams, owner and stylist of Eugene Stylist. We recently spoke with Rachel to find out more about her and the services she offers.

Tell us a little about Eugene Stylist. Eugene Stylist is a personal styling business that helps anyone in Springfield and Eugene to find happiness in their wardrobe! I’m the cheerleader they need to face the mess and lack of direction, to discover and embrace their style so they’re representing who they are through clothes, authentically and effortlessly projecting their identity into their environment.

Where and how did you get started in this type of business? I started by helping friends clear and organize their closet, which led to helping them put outfits together from what they had and shopping for new pieces. They liked my style and trusted me to help them define theirs. I decided to create the business so that I could help more people in my community – not just individuals, but local boutiques and services like tailors and shoe repair as well – by focusing on mindful and sustainable dressing. We may live in a small community, but that doesn’t preclude looking and feeling your best, and my mission is to share resources and knowledge to help everyone here to do just that, whether they’re a client or not.

What services do you offer and what makes you unique? Your relationship with a personal stylist is like the one you have with your hair stylist. Your hairstyle changes as you do and a good stylist knows how to work with your hair to show the best version of you. You go back to them for everyday looks as well as special occasions, life changes, and vacations. Your wardrobe deserves the same kind of attention! My styling services start with editing and clearing someone’s closet out of the old and unworn which lets us see the pieces they love and that love them back. I also teach them how to shop their closet and remix what they already have, even if they think it’s not much. Did you know that just 15 pieces can create more than 40 outfits? As we go, I create a shopping list of items that would supplement their current wardrobe and will go shopping with them to find those, too. If they need specific outfits for an event like an interview, wedding, or awards ceremony, I pre-stock a dressing room so all they have to do is show up and try things on! One of my favorite things to work on with clients is creating a capsule wardrobe, whether it’s for a vacation or business trip, or if they’re moving into a new RV or tiny house. I have several tools to support clients, but the most powerful one is a digital wardrobe app available only to stylists. It’s amazing – after uploading images of their clothes and accessories, I build digital outfits in it to remind them of what we created or inspire them to create their own. This gives them a virtual inventory when they’re shopping plus lookbooks to guide them, all accessible at their fingertips.

What do you like most about this work? I absolutely love the transformation that happens in such a small amount of time! When I first meet a client, they’re usually slightly apologetic about their wardrobe, unsure about their style, and that even after a lifetime of doing it, they admit that getting dressed is difficult and confusing. They have so many negatives tied to their wardrobe. Within an hour or two, their whole demeanor changes and they become confident and lively, able to identify what suits them, what they like, and how to use clothes as a tool to reflect the unique person wearing them. As one client put it, “I had a lovely moment where I just saw myself differently, but I was still myself!” I’ve heard from many others that getting dressed is now something they look forward to and is how they practice self care, that shopping is easier, and they’re actually spending less on clothes because they’re not buying things they never wear and know how to get the most out of what they do have.

Do you have any advice for others? Most clothing is mass produced yet we seem to blame ourselves if something doesn’t fit us correctly, and we end up feeling bad because of the bad fit. Once you find the right fit, you look good and it changes how you see yourself. The same is true for fashion trends. Even if you like something and want to wear it, if it’s not the right thing for you, you don’t feel good about yourself. You should go by what looks good on you, what makes you feel good.

Anything else you’d like to share? When I first meet someone and tell them I’m a stylist, they often get a look on their face like they’re worried I’m judging their outfit. I promise that I’m not! (I only judge if you’re wearing pajamas in public) It’s not my place to have an opinion of what someone is wearing unless they ask me to. If they’re happy and confident wearing outfits they love, great – we should all be so lucky! But if they’re unsure and looking for help, I’m thrilled to be part of their style journey.

Eugene Stylist helps people understand and refine their personal style by editing and organizing wardrobes, creating new outfits from existing pieces, shopping for new or complementary items, and downsizing efficiently for moves, ensuring a cohesive and functional wardrobe.

This article originally appeared on Springfield Bottom Line.

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